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Our goal is to help you succeed. We can help make your vision a reality and allow you to get the insight and data you need.


With our platform, we can do pretty much anything. Surveys are our core competency. There is nothing that we can’t handle in this space.


Simple to ridiculously complex studies? Bring 'em on. The more complex a survey gets, the more Jibunu’s strengths shine. Our tool and our process both favor the intricacies of advanced decision logic; conjoint, discrete choice, max-diff, and all other multivariate study types. Our speed, service, accuracy, and pricing are exceptional on such studies. The same is true of studies involving more customized web development, login portals, advanced multimedia content, Flash, online shopping and shelf tests. All of these can be offered in as many languages as you like.


Let us handle your toughest logic. If your path branching has turned into an elaborate maze, we can solve it. If you need randomization at all levels - answers, answer groups, questions, question groups - we can create what you need. Skip logic, least-fills, validation, showing and hiding options, repetition - we can handle anything.


We can work with any type of analysis, conjoint, or multivariate exercises you need to achieve your research goals. We have yet to come across a design file we can't handle. If you need analysis design, we have a number of trusted partners that we can call on to help create the exercises you need.


Do you have a big, bold idea for your next quantitative survey, but not sure if it can happen? If it can exist on the internet, we can create it with our platform and skilled team of developers. Whether it's extreme gamification, interactive virtual environments, or any other awesome data collection idea, we'd love to talk with you about it and help you to make it succeed.

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We’re more than just quantitative survey programming – our platform allows us to create tools and solutions for Qualitative projects.


Secure Content Hosting allows you to have materials for your Qualitative Interviews delivered to your participants online. You control when, how, and what participants will see to give you more accurate results. Functionality such as right clicking to save images is disabled, making it difficult for information to be taken from the tool. With Password Protection and controls, you allow access to the people you want, when you want.


Use Interview Scheduler to help you organize and prepare for your qualitative study. Our screener will get the people you want and have them sign up for an interview immediately. Multiple sample providers can work at the same time to fill your slots with no risk of overlap. Time slots that are taken are immediately removed from the scheduler. Email notifications are sent to the participant for their records, and access to the secure content is not available until you are ready for the interview.


Many of our Quantitative features can be used in Qualitative environments as well. Moderators can use our tools such as Drag and Drops and Click Tracking to get further insights into respondents.

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Your survey can be the bee's knees, but without the crucial data it’s gathering it’s just another webpage. We allow you to access reporting as soon as your survey goes live, with numerous tools to help you in your research project.


Customers can log into our secure reporting portal to view all their Jibunu projects, past and present, as well as complete archives on all past data pulls. The portal shows counters, toplines, and reports, and enables real-time access to data in Excel (CSV), SPSS, ASCII, or other custom layouts.


We can match a pre-existing layout for fixed-width ASCII or card-column ASCII files. This is mainly used to match studies that have previously fielded in another system, or through another medium such as telephone. It can also be used to synchronize layouts across multiple vendors and media for new studies, or to ensure the layout suits your tabulation specialist’s preferences. We can also produce custom data formats to match the specifications of a particular software package. For example, we’re able to produce CHO files for import into Sawtooth or other similar analytical applications. If you can supply the specs or an example file, we can meet your needs.


Crosstabs with Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting and MarketSight allows for a variety of data analysis options, all in real-time. We can create crosstabs with up to 50 banner points, all with filters and calculation capabilities. The options are almost limitless!


To help you follow federal medical regulations, Jibunu can trigger adverse event reporting per your specifications. These are generally handled via an automated email notification that provides all of the necessary information from the survey. If you have specific needs around adverse event reporting, Jibunu can work within any process you have established.


If you data that was not collected on the Jibunu Platform and is not in a format that works for you, we can restructure it. Using our tools and data knowledge, we can take your data and make it easier and more efficient to use in another third party software, or for your own in-house analytics.


Need additional customized reports but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? Let Jibunu handle it for you! Our experienced reporting and programming staff can create any report you need.

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Jibunu can provide more than just programming and hosting. Through our other internal services and our trusted partners, we can provide several other services reducing the number of vendors you need to help your research project succeed.


We’ve seen a lot of survey projects over the years. Each one of our clients, and our clients’ clients, write their surveys a little differently. From all the questionnaires we have received, we have designed hundreds of custom exercises, programmed thousands of logic requests, and set up all types of questions and formatting. This has given us lots of insight into how a questionnaire in a document can become a well-functioning survey instrument for data collection.

We can provide you with insight on a number of topics, including improving the respondent experience, logic evaluation, look and feel input, and enhancement recommendations. Looking for ideas or options on how to tackle a study or what to offer during your bidding process with your client? Let us help you brainstorm solutions. As part of our standard services we will use our extensive industry and technical experience to help you develop creative solutions for your clients.

Our Consultation Support is not limited to just online surveys. If it can be done on the internet, our proprietary system can make it happen. We enjoy developing new innovations and creating solutions for market researchers.


If you need a way to get your survey to your respondents, Jibunu offers email broadcasting to as many email addresses as you need. We can send follow-ups, different emails to different groups, and send in multiple languages. We have managed relationships with many of the main email providers, improving deliverable rates and decreasing the chance of your messages ending up in spam folders. Launch schedules can be customized based on your project’s schedule, including sending out emails on a rolling basis.


We can process incentives towards any type of respondent, based on your requirements. We can randomly select respondents to receive larger incentives, or assign different incentive amounts to different groups. Our primary methods of delivery are Amazon gift codes and checks, but we can work with you to create any type of incentive solution. Amazon gift codes can be delivered in an email, or at the end of a survey.


We have professional photographers on staff who can take high quality photographs of the products you need to enhance your study. You can send the products to us, or we can do the shopping for you and purchase them. Images can include transparency, click to enlarge, and rotations.


In addition to the Jibunu Coder, which you can use to code responses as they come in, we also work with a coding vendor who can handle all of your data's coding. They provide coding for any type of survey, including medical.


We have several sample partners that we work with to provide sample with your trusted Jibunu programming and hosting. We will work with you and our sample providers to get the respondents you need. Our partners cover all types of sample and panels, and if you have a tough group you're trying to reach, let us know and we can be an additional resource to find those respondents.


If you need to field in other countries, we can also help you with your translations. By using our trusted translations vendors and our Express Overlay Tool, we can complete your survey overlays quickly, accurately, and at a cost that works for your budget.

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