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custom online survey exercises CUSTOM CREATED EXERCISES

We have several solutions that can be used to create the survey you need to get the data you want. Each of these solutions is custom created for each client who needs it, making sure it works exactly as you require.

One of our most popular custom features is our repeating Case Form. This functionality allows multiple questions on one page, speeding up completion times and reducing fatigue. Logic and validation rules still apply, allowing for show/hide logic driven by previous answers, even those on the same page. This lends to proper flow and clear presentation to the respondent, especially for those work from paper forms.

We've also created custom calendars for logging medical treatments, respondent dashboards, and much more. If you have a crazy idea you want to put in your study, we're definitely interested in helping you make your crazy idea an amazing reality.

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interactive online survey questions INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS

Boring surveys are, well, boring. Answering question after question, endless grid after endless grid. If respondents are falling asleep towards the end of a survey, they won't be providing the essential data needed. It's important to keep respondents engaged from the first question to the last. We provide solutions to allow you to "spice up your surveys" to make taking surveys seem less like a chore, maybe even make them a little fun.

Our interactive questions bring your surveys to a new level of usability, bringing in elements of gamification. Instead of just clicking on a scale, put in a slider question. If you have a ranking question, use a drag and drop to sort the items instead of assigning numbers. There are limitless options, allowing you to create a survey your respondents won't mind taking - maybe they'll even like it.

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coding tool CODY - Coded Open-ends Done Yourself

CODY allows you to add coding values to open ended responses as soon as they are available. Now you don’t have to wait until your survey closes to begin the coding process or pull your data every time you want to code responses. Once your survey begins collecting data, you can use our tool right in our Report Portal as the responses come in. Using CODY is an easy 3 step process:

  • Step 1: Select the Open Ends to be coded
  • Step 2: Create and name the Coding Book
  • Step 3: Apply the codes to the Open Ends, either individually or use searches and wildcards to efficiently code responses

Coded values will appear in your CSV, SPSS, and ASCII files. The CSV Verbatim will maintain the original responses.

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market research advanced reporting ADVANCED REPORTING

With Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting, there is no need to wait until after the study is complete to start understanding your data. Create, review, and share data as your study is fielding.

Crosstabs allow for a variety of data analysis options, all in real-time. We can create crosstabs with up to 50 banner points, all with filters and calculation capabilities. The options are almost limitless!

Use Interactive charts and graphs to help you tell your story. Simply provide us with the specs and we will help you create visual tools to show your key findings. These can include interactive features and filters for a more engaging experience. Charts and graphs can also be exported to PowerPoint or Excel to include in your research deliverables.

Need additional customized reports but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? Let Jibunu handle it for you! Our experienced reporting and programming staff can create any report you need.

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online survey quota management QUOTA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Our Quota Management System gives you the ability to adjust quota counts when you need to, without having to wait even a minute for us to make this change for you, all with the knowledge that the underlying code meets the Jibunu standard of quality.

If, for instance, your client wants ten more completes of a particular type, you can log into the Report Portal, select your survey, navigate to the Quota page, and add ten to both the overall and sub-quotas, and the quotas will be updated immediately. Or, if you see that you're filling up on one type of respondent too fast, you can adjust the overall counts to ensure a representative sample of respondents in your data.

While our QMS does not yet enable the addition of new quota types, it does enable you to modify existing quotas in the survey, even closing them if necessary.

Additionally, our QMS puts the quotas up on the Report Portal, so you can make sure that the current quotas are set to your specifications. With both the quotas and counters on the Report Portal, you'll have both pieces of information in one convenient location.

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online virtual shopping VIRTUAL SHOPPING

If you want to really know what consumers will buy from the store, you can either spend hours watching them as they shop or you can create a virtual shopping environment for them to interact with.

Virtual Shopping exercises are usually used to simulate store shopping experiences; however we can use the technology to create any environment such as an operating room, a server rack, a medical or IT device, or a pharmacy counter - just to name a few.

Our programming can render any virtual environment you would like the respondent to enter into and interact with. We can create any type of environment from standard shelves to cooler doors that open, to office waiting rooms and trade show displays, to a tropical island to the surface of the moon.

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responsive for all devices RAD - RESPONSIVE FOR ALL DEVICES

RAD is Responsive for All Devices, where we use responsive design to create flexibility in the layouts and styles of our surveys. This eliminates the need to develop separate survey methodology for different screen sizes, allowing you to reach respondents on all devices. For most surveys this can be added without making changes to your questionnaire design and at no additional cost.

There are numerous benefits to using Responsive Design:

  • No need to design and develop a separate mobile version of your survey
  • One set of content to maintain, where changes and updates only need to be made once
  • One set of code for all devices and browsers
  • Most surveys will not incur additional costs and longer timelines
  • Most questionnaires will not require modification
  • Based on screen size, not device, so it will still work on future devices

See Responsive Design in our demo! Visit our demos page and select the RAD JEFF demo.

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online survey enhanced features and functionality JEFF - JIBUNU ENHANCED FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY

Jibunu Enhanced Features and Functionality can help to make the survey experience a better one for your respondents. By improving and innovating the smallest details and standard survey elements using software development, the survey taking process becomes less cumbersome and more streamlined. We care very much about your data and the person helping to supply it, and wanted to use our skills and expertise to help make surveys a better, and maybe even enjoyable, experience.

See our Enhanced Features and Functionality in our demo! Visit our demos page and select the RAD JEFF demo

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focus group interview tools RICK - Roundtable Interview Conversation Kickstarter

RICK is our Roundtable Interview Conversation Kickstarter. RICK manages your stimulus so you don't have to. Add a new dimension to your focus groups so you can view and discuss the opinions of your participants in real time.

With RICK, utilize advanced Quant techniques within your Qual exercise. Get a pre-biased answer from all your participants, record initial responses to stimulus automatically, and display the data. RICK can display real time data in graphs, word clouds, or heatmaps to stimulate conversation, as well as customizable displays for the back room audience.

Describe your qualitative process and we'll work with you to build the interview flow and help you get the most out of your moderated exercises. This also means more consistency across interviews, even if you have more than one moderator.

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multilanguage surveys MULTILANGUAGE

Fielding globally? Jibunu’s capabilities afford us the ability to work with any language, including right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic or Farsi. Our media-rich question types, such as those programmed with JQuery, JavaScript or Flash can be translated into other languages as well. We offer two options for creating overlays: Express Overlays and Traditional Overlays.

Express Overlays: If your translator is able to work with an XLIFF or CSV file for translation, we have the capability to export and import the file directly into our system using our Express Overlay Tool. This results in a quick turn-around time and cost savings for you. After the English survey is final we export the survey in XLIFF and send it for translation, either to our trusted translation partner, or to you to send to your translators. Once complete, we import the translated file back into the system, often in the same business day.

Traditional Overlays: If a more traditional overlay method is what you are looking for, we are happy to process your overlays in the timely manner to which you are accustomed. Our rapid turn-around times are based on the complexity and length of your survey, as well as the number of languages being processed.

Having trouble getting your translations? We have trusted vendors that we can work with to provide translations for your online projects.

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survey multimedia MULTIMEDIA

Our flexible proprietary platform allows for you to create engaging questions utilizing graphics, audio and video. Our audio and video players don't use Flash, allowing your media to be shown on any type of device.

By incorporating logic, we can delay the continue button to make sure the respondents took enough time to review an image or we can have it not show up until an audio or video has been shown completely. Jibunu lets you display media content in any container you wish. For example, a video player could be made to look like a television, cell phone, tablet or medical device, complete with interactive controls and even multiple screens if desired.

Depending on the number of videos in a particular study, and the logic involved, we can start streaming the video to the client once the survey begins, limiting the impact on users with lower bandwidth rates. If logic determines who sees what video, we can start streaming immediately. To secure video content, we can prevent download and replay of streaming video, prevent stolen content from being streamed from other servers, and prevent remote client referencing to prevent unauthorized access.

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qualitative interview scheduling STAN - Scheduling Tool with Automatic Notification

The internet has the technology to create assignments without overlap. Event venues with specific seat assignments are able to sell their tickets without overlap. Airlines are able to do the same with their seat assignments. We can do the same with interview scheduling.

Our Scheduling Tool, STAN, can help you organize and prepare for your qualitative study, instantly and automatically. Multiple sample providers can work at the same time to fill your slots with no risk of overlap. Time slots that are taken are immediately removed from the scheduler.

Respondents can select either a date or time to start. Once selected, it will only show the options available for the other drop down. We can also filter the dates by time. If a respondent wants a 3:00 PM timeslot, they can select that first and then see which dates have that time available.

Once the respondent has selected their date and time for their interview, they will immediately receive an email notification for their records.

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We can handle any advanced programming needs you have: Conjoint, Discrete Choice, Max Diff, Build Your Own, Adaptive Exercises, and much more. Whether your design was made in Sawtooth, created by a statistician, or it came to you in a dream, we can make it come to life and ensure that not only the data is correct, but the respondent experience is positive.

We're able to offer all advanced exercises in multiple languages, allowing you to field in any country without having to reprogram. If you have a MaxDiff with a crazy amount of images or a shelf test that is based on a design file, we can make that happen.

Need a design file? We have trusted partners that can deliver the best in the business analysis for your studies that work perfectly within our platform. Statisticians love working with Jibunu programmers.

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secure content hosting CHASE - Content Hosting and Security Enhancer

CHASE is a secure content hosting tool which allows you to have materials for your qualitative interviews delivered to your participants online. With password protection and other controls, you allow access to the people you want, when you want.

You control the when, how, what, and who around your secured content. Standard save and copy functionality as associated with right clicking is disabled, making it difficult for information to be grabbed from the tool. If needed, we can program delayed continue buttons and other flow controls to keep your respondents from jumping ahead.

Design your interview flow as you see fit, and we will make sure that the tool will work seamlessly with your process.

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client adjusting testing environment CATE - Client Adjustable Testing Environment

CATE is our Client Adjustable Testing Environment, which gives you the power to test the way that is best for you. CATE’s flexibility gives you numerous options to control the way you review your survey instrument, including:

  • Toggle the visibility of elements, such as question and answer numbers, variable values, and hidden programming variables
  • Change a previous answer without having to back up, allowing you to test multiple paths quickly
  • View previous answers to keep track of the path you are on and confirm logic
  • Skip ahead to later questions in the survey
  • Change the language shown to quickly review overlays

With these options, you can ease the burden of testing and reduce the number of times you need to run through your survey to see the different branches.

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online survey templates CLONE - Consistent Layout, Only New Elements

CLONE is a feature of our platform which allows us to create efficient templates, reusable frameworks, and automated survey update tools that can save you time and money. For projects that will have many iterations, we can work with you from the beginning to create a versatile base survey. This survey can then be used again and again, modified as needed, with a faster turnaround and lower cost for you.

Often times we can create a solution that will allow you to update the survey on your schedule. Our expert consultants will work with you to get the information we need to create the best solution for your process. Whether for Quantitative, Qualitative, or any other research need, we can help make your future projects more streamlined and efficient.

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message analysis testing tool MAT - Message Analysis Tool

This tool was inspired by clients wanting to accommodate small and large telephone interview groups in card sort exercises where participants winnow down messages and flow them into a story.

Jibunu developed drag and drop technology to let participants move motivating messages into random or predetermined buckets, rank the messages and order them by preference. Respondents can also ‘revive’ messages that were left behind and select the strongest ones for presentation.

This tool not only helps with the flow and efficiencies of the interview but also gives unprecedented backend control over the content of the exercises.

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respondent grid generator ReGG - Respondent Grid Generator

This Excel-based tool allows those working with data to quickly and easily create sheets only containing the most important pieces of information for all respondents, or a subset of the respondents. ReGG is often used when running qualitative screeners to give the client and/or those administering the qualitative exercise an easy-to-manage sheet of respondent data.

This tool can be used right out of the box to create standard profile grids or can be customized to create views that are the most helpful to you or your client. With ReGG on your side, gone are the days of sifting through the data sheet and layout, cutting and pasting answers, or creating cumbersome lookup keys for the team.

All the data you need will be right at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format. Also, as new data is added to the tool, the grid updates automatically using the preferences from your convenient one-time setup.

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